Microlog (TM)

Definition - What does Microlog (TM) mean?

Microlog (TM) is a resistivity log of a borehole which is measured by 2 electrodes that are installed on a pad of a microresistivity measuring device. Microlog (TM), unlike its other equivalent techniques, is unfocused and yields approximate measurement. Whereas, techniques such as microlateral log, microresistivity log, microspherical log etc., are focused and provide precise measurement. Microlog electrode device's typical design may consist of 1 electrode that emits current and 2 electrodes that measure. With the Microlog (TM), engineers can analyze the permeable regions in the formation in which a mudcake has built up.

Petropedia explains Microlog (TM)

When an electrical microresistivity sonde, consisting of two electrodes installed on a rubber pad is used to measure the formation inside a borehole, it is called a Microlog (TM). The Microlog (TM) may be used along with a caliper sonde which measures the diameter of a borehole. The caliper sonde supports the Microlog (TM), as the microlog's electrode bearing pad is pressed against the wall of borehole. Like its counterpart techniques, a Microlog (TM) also logs the information obtained from the formation inside the borehole. This information includes the characteristics of the formation, presence of mudcake, permeability and flushed zone to name a few.

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