MicroIaterolog (MLL)

Definition - What does MicroIaterolog (MLL) mean?

A MicroIaterolog is a device with electrodes, used for measuring the flushed zone resistivity inside a rock formation. Sometimes also known as Micro Laterolog, this resistivity measuring technique is suitable for use in a flushed zone without interruption from an undisturbed zone or a zone having mudcake. This technique is focused, as the electrodes are arranged in such a way that the current flows in the small spaces. This allows the electric current to flow in a short distance in the formation, providing precise measurement.

Petropedia explains MicroIaterolog (MLL)

There are different ways to measure the resistivity of a flushed zone inside the borehole. Microlaterolog is one such way that allows the electrode bearing device to be pressed against the borehole wall to analyze the formation. There are two electrodes in the electrode device, one is a guard electrode and the other is central current emitting electrode. The MLL measurements of the resistivity are exact and not quantitative. The rubber pad, on which the electrodes are installed, is pushed against the formation inside the drilled hole. The guard electrode surrounds the current emitting electrode, which regulates the current to reach to certain distance inside the rock formation.

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