Microcaliper Log

Definition - What does Microcaliper Log mean?

A Microcaliper Log is a microlog and caliper log combined together to measure the characteristics of a borehole. A caliper log is a type of a well logging tool used to measure the borehole size and shape along its depth. A microlog, which is a resistivity evaluation device, composed of electrodes, when combined with the caliper log, helps engineers to measure the diameter of the borehole, its depth, the formation characteristics and other related data. While the caliper log supports the microlog, the latter estimates the resistivity of the flushed zone inside the formation and the presence of mudcake.

Petropedia explains Microcaliper Log

Microcaliper Log is a special device composed of a caliper log, which is a well logging tool and a microlog, which is a resistivity measuring electrode device. A Microcaliper Log is used in drilled wells to analyze the formation. The main use of a caliper log is to analyze the difference in the borehole diameter. When the caliper log is combined with the microlog, the device serves a dual purpose of measuring the diameter of the drilled hole and the resistance of the rock formations in the borehole. The microlog part of this device is fitted with electrodes which send the electric currents in the formation.

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