Milligram (mg)

Definition - What does Milligram (mg) mean?

A Milligram is a small unit of mass in the metric system which equals to 0.001 grams. One milligram is also equal to 0.0154 grains. It is abbreviated as "mg". Milligrams are often confused with micrograms due to their abbreviations. This is noted to be a serious error in the medicine field of as a single dose of 25 milligrams is equal to a thousand times dose of 25 micrograms.

Petropedia explains Milligram (mg)

One Milligram is equivalent to 1000th of a gram. A gram is a unit of mass in the metric system for weights. It is abbreviated as "g". A gram is equivalent to 1 milliliter and 0.001 liters. It is 1000th of the mass unit kilogram in the metric system. It is basically used corresponding to the mass of any substance in daily life. One kilogram is equal to 1/1000000 milligrams (0.000001). A kilogram is a base unit of the mass in International System of Units (SI). It is used by people in their day-to-day activities as a unit of mass or weight.

To convert a milligram to a gram, the value is simply divided by 1000; and when converting a gram to milligram, the value is multiplied by 1000.

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