Metes and Bounds

Definition - What does Metes and Bounds mean?

Metes and Bounds is method or a system used for describing land, real estate or real property. It has been used in England for centuries and it’s still in use for defining the general boundaries. The term "Metes" is used to refer to any boundary which is defined by measuring each straight run, stated by the distance between terminal points and direction or orientation. The term "Bounds" is used to refer to a more general description of boundaries like a stone wall, certain watercourse, an existing building or an adjacent public roadway.

Petropedia explains Metes and Bounds

The Metes and Bounds of any tract of land can be identified by natural landmarks like rivers, man-made structures like roads or by skates or any other marker. The system is commonly used when the survey areas are not regular in shape and size. In this system of land description, a starting point is present at the corner, followed by measurements and directions, these are written in various ways that indicate a line which leads to next corner. These corners are the physical features of the system. The system is primarily used for defining political subdivisions and larger pieces of properties.

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