Meter Skid

Definition - What does Meter Skid mean?

Meter skid, also known as a metering skid, is a framed device on which various assemblies are installed. These include solar panels, meter prover loops, control valves, meter runs and ancillary control houses to name a few.

The main use of a meter skid is as custody transfer meter, whereby it is used to determine financial estimates. Every meter skid can be composed of the process gas chromatograph and one or more flow meters. The meter skid also measures the gas and decreases the pressure of the gas at metering stations.

Petropedia explains Meter Skid

A meter skid is a special platform on which various devices and instruments are installed. It consists of pipelines, filters and other equipment necessary for the metering function. The following components are usually installed on a meter skid:

  • Meter prover
  • Beams
  • Flowmeter or orifice plate
  • Transmitters
  • Valves
  • Solar panel
  • Batteries

All these components are installed and tested offsite, and then the unit is shipped to the location where it is going to be used and installed as a main metering unit.

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