Air-Cut Mud

Definition - What does Air-Cut Mud mean?

Air-Cut Mud is a situation whereby natural gas or air gets into the mud and causes bubbles in it, leading to unpressurized and lower bulk mud. Air-Cut Mud is also known as gas-cut mud. The drilling fluid which is also known as mud or drilling mud has the tendency to get air bubbles in it, which can be caused due to air or other gases. The trapped gas in the Air-Cut Mud can be removed by using a degasser vacuum pump or defoamer chemicals.

Petropedia explains Air-Cut Mud

The presence of air and several other factors determine the density of the drilling fluids that are injected inside the wellbore. When air or any other gas is trapped inside the drilling fluid (mud), it leads the formation of bubbles which can make the mud less pressurized, causing it to be less bulky. Therefore, the drilling mud with air bubbles trapped inside need to be stabilized to ensure the mud density. To do this, defoamer chemicals are used in the drilling fluid or a degasser vacuum pump is used to remove the gas from the drilling fluid.

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