Meter Proving

Definition - What does Meter Proving mean?

Meter Proving is a simple test that verifies the performance of a meter. The factors for Meter Proving and the expected results can differ as per the different kinds of meters with distinct features. For example, a gas meter prover tests the accuracy for gas meters. Meter Proving ideally depends on the proof or meter factor prover, which is value used for checking the contrast between the meter's reading with a precalculated range.

Petropedia explains Meter Proving

In gas and liquid meter repair workshops, Meter Proving is a standard physical test done on a meter to analyze its efficiency. Small meters can be tested in the workshops, whereas meters located offsite or onsite can be specially tested by a meterman, who is a trained technician to maintain and read the meters. Regular Meter Proving ensures that the installed meters are working accurately and provide precise measurement. This way, the efficiency of the meters remains true and the oil and gas meters continue providing the accurate reading.

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