Meter Prover

Definition - What does Meter Prover mean?

A meter prover, also known as a gas meter prover is a device used to authenticate the accurate working of a gas meter. A meter prover is ideally used in gas meter workshops and repairing outlets where the meters are repaired. The prover checks the gas meter's volume with the verified volume of air. The meter prover depends on proof, which is a series of mathematical calculations. After conducting the proving test, the proof proves the accuracy of the meter, which is compared with the volume of air.

Petropedia explains Meter Prover

A gas meter measures the volume and flow rate of gases such as propane and natural gas. The gas meters are commonly used in residential, industrial and commercial dwellings which are supplied with gas. Fuel gases can be difficult to measure as compared to liquids, therefore a gas meter may require meter proving. Meter proving is a test conducted to verify the performance of a meter. A meter prover, commonly known as gas meter prover tests the efficiency of a gas meter. There are precalculated values of volume of air that are used for comparing the gas meter's value.

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