Metering Tank

Definition - What does Metering Tank mean?

A metering tank is a tank that has in-built or add-on devices installed for the measurement of the total volume of liquid stored. The liquid is stored and then released. The metering tank is also known as measuring tank or dump tank. The metering tank has a flowmeter, better known as a dump meter, installed on it to assist in measuring the flow rate and volume. The metering tank makes use of the LCAT, i.e., lease automatic custody transfer. This unit is used to measure the volume of a liquid, for example crude oil.

Petropedia explains Metering Tank

A metering tank is a measured-volume tank, which is fitted with a flowmeter that assists in measuring the volume of liquids. Ideally, a metering tank is filled with liquid and emptied. The process of filling and emptying the tank is necessary to measure the volume and flow rate of the fluid. Also known as a dump tank or measuring tank, a metering tank is continuously filled with fluid and emptied. Crude oil is the basic fluid that is measured through the metering tank. The tank uses lease automatic custody transfer unit for the measurement.

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