Meter Chart

Definition - What does Meter Chart mean?

A Meter Chart is a chart bearing values and a needle fixed on a dial which points on a value. A Meter Chart can contain more than one needle and can even have multiple dials. The Meter Chart is common in different applications and can be found in engineering devices, vehicles, pumps etc. A Meter Chart uses the needle to specify the value on the dial, indicating the measurement and expression. Also, a Meter Chart can have either one or two meters fixed on it, both specifying different values for different applications.

Petropedia explains Meter Chart

A Meter Chart is a device that points out to a particular value from a given range of values. The Meter Chart has a dial, a needle and values. It can be used to measure the rate of change for a particular set condition. This difference is measure against a preset series of values. The needle fixed on the dial is a helpful indicator of the rate of change. The most common example of a Meter Chart is the chart included on a vehicle's dashboard that displays the speed, temperature, and other features. A Meter Chart is also commonly found on measuring devices and pumps.

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