Definition - What does Mesh mean?

A Mesh is a barrier that is made up of connected strands of fiber, metals and other ductile and flexible materials. It is similar to a net or web and consists of various woven or attached strands. It can be found in a cloth and it's the loosely knitted or woven fabric that contains a large number of closely placed holes which are commonly used in the modern sport jerseys. The metal mesh is knitted, expanded, woven, welded electroformed or photochemically-etched from steel or other metals. The plastic mesh can be oriented, woven, extruded, and tubular or expanded from polyethylene, PVC, PTFE, polypropylene or Nylon.

Petropedia explains Mesh

A Mesh can be found in various types of metal, plastic, clothing, skin graft and fiberglass. They can be used in many ways:

  • Nylon or metal mesh is used in filtration.
  • Meshes are most commonly used to screen out insects.
  • Wire mesh is used in protection as vandal screens.
  • Woven meshes are used in screen printing.
  • Woven or welded wire meshes are used by the humane animal trapping for trapping wild animals such as skunks and raccoons in the populated areas.
  • Meshes are used as drum heads and in the electronic and practice drum sets.
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