Definition - What does Megajoule mean?

Megajoule is a unit of energy which is equivalent to 1 million Joules (10^6 Joules). It is one of the multiples of Joule and is represented by the symbol MJ. One Megajoule is also equivalent to kinetic energy of a vehicle moving at a speed of 99.42 mph considering the weight of vehicle is one metric ton. Joule is treated as equivalent to one watt of power dissipated for one second and thus, one Megajoule is equal to 10^6 Watt-sec.

Petropedia explains Megajoule

Megajoules can be explained in terms of Conversion Chart which is as follows:

1 MJ = 1,000 Kilojoule (kJ)

1 MJ = 1,000,000 Joule (J)

1 MJ = 0.2388 megacalorie (Mcal)

1 MJ = 0.2388 megacalorie (Mcal)

1 MJ = 238.8 kilocalorie (kcal)

1 MJ = 102600 metre-kilogram (mkg)

1 MJ = 238800 calorie (cal)

1 MJ = 0.2778 kilowatt hour (kW*h)

1 MJ = 277.8 watt hour (W*h)

1 MJ = 1000000 watt second (W*s)

1 MJ = 6.241*1024 electronvolt (eV)

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