Definition - What does Metacentre mean?

Metacentre is the point of intersection of two or more vertical lines through the centre of buoyancy of a ship or any other floating body which is in equilibrium and it’s tilted to one side. Metacentre or metacenter is used in fluid mechanics to show the fact that an imaginary vertical line going through the centre of gravity and buoyancy crosses over the new imaginary vertical line running through the new centre of buoyancy, especially when the floating body is inclined to one side.

Petropedia explains Metacentre

Metacentre is a point where two or more vertical lines meet and intersect at the centre of buoyancy and gravity of a floating body, for example a ship. The primary vertical line intersects the secondary vertical line when the floating body tilts to one side, running through the centre of gravity. The stability of the ship is denoted by the length of the intersection that takes place above the centre of gravity of the body. The distance between the centre of gravity and the metacentre is called as metacentric height.

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