Definition - What does Mechanic mean?

A Mechanic is a skilled worker who is responsible for carrying out the planned or unplanned maintaining and repairing operations of the machinery and several other mechanical equipment like engines, turbines and pumps, etc. The Mechanic could be called a technician, craftsman or tradesman who uses various tools to repair or build the machinery. They can be based on offshore or onshore sites to perform repairing operations. They can be trained in a specific kind of equipment like marine engines, automobiles or refrigeration.

Petropedia explains Mechanic

An individual who builds, maintains and repairs machinery and various other mechanical equipment used for performing different operations is known as a Mechanic. Many Mechanics are trained in some specific fields like general mechanics, auto mechanics, boiler mechanics, industrial maintenance mechanics, diesel mechanics, tank mechanics and aircraft mechanics in the armed services. They can be differentiated as light and heavy Mechanics. The light Mechanics work on the light or smaller items such as engines of car, whereas the heavy Mechanics work on heavy or bigger items and machines such as trailers and tractors.

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