Master Meter

Definition - What does Master Meter mean?

A Master Meter is a device used to measure the quantity of natural gas transferred from one entity to another. It can be a natural gas buyer and supplier. The Master Meter system can be fixed between the low pressure polyethylene natural gas pipeline and main natural gas supply grid, which is a network of high pressure natural gas steel pipeline in an area or a region before natural gas is supplied into any housing property, apartment or any industrial complex for use.

Petropedia explains Master Meter

Due to the continuous increase in the need for energy, the demand for Natural gas has also increased. Thus, there lies a large importance of accurate measurement of natural gas. The purpose of installing a Master Meter into a pipeline is to monitor certain parameters of natural gas such as the quantity and quality of the gas, so as to obtain the correct billing of gas usage.

In order to achieve high performance, Master Meters are often used in pairs in natural gas pipelines, either in series, so that the consistency of their readings is checked continuously or parallel, so that one is used most often and the second one is kept for high accuracy metering for occasional checks.

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