Definition - What does Manufacturer mean?

A Manufacturer is an organization, group or an individual who owns any manufacturing plant. The individual carries out the process of manufacturing which is the process of production of merchandise for sale or use of tools, machines, labor, biological and chemical formulation or processing. The person performs a range of activities from the handicraft activities to high tech activities. The activities are commonly applied to the industrial production in which the Manufacturers transform the raw materials into finished goods on large scale.

Petropedia explains Manufacturer

The finished goods manufactured by Manufacturers are either used for manufacturing other products like household appliances, automobiles or aircraft, or sold to wholesalers who further sell them to retailers. Consumers then buy the manufactured finished products from the retailers

The ultimate and sole responsibility of the Manufacturer is the conformity of products to relevant directives. The manufacturing business could be either simple with few parts needed for the assembling the products or could be difficult with a large number of parts required to assemble and create finished products. As compared to other business this business has more environmental laws and legal regulations to deal with.

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