Definition - What does Manhole mean?

A Manhole is a top opening provided to the underground utility vaults that is used as an access point for inspection, making connections, and performing maintenance and valve adjustments on the underground, buried public utility. It is also used for other services like telephone, sewers, storm drains, gas, district heating and electricity. The composite Manhole is the most common type of applications used in various applications with concern to exfiltration, infiltration or corrosion due to hydrogen sulfide.

Petropedia explains Manhole

A Manhole is a vertical access cylinder from the ground surface to the underground utilities or sewers. Manholes are present usually at the junctions and they allow inspection, cleaning, repairs and connections. It is also known by various names such as utility hole, inspection chamber, access chamber and maintenance hole. However the term Manhole is most commonly used to refer to these openings. Each Manhole has a cover known as a Manhole cover which is a removable plate that forms a lid over the opening of the Manhole. The Manhole covers prevent anything or anyone from accidentally falling into Manholes and also prevent them from letting any unauthorized material and person enter.

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