Male Connection

Definition - What does Male Connection mean?

A Male Connection is a spindle, shaft or cylindrical bar which can be attached to a cable, wire or a piece of hardware having one or more unshielded or exposed electrical terminal or terminals constructed in a way that the Male Connector could be inserted into the receptacle, called female connector. This ensures reliable electrical and physical connection. The most common connection has two or three prong plugs attached to the cord's end for electrical appliances.

Petropedia explains Male Connection

Male Connections join the subsections of electrical circuits together. An electric connection can be made with the help of male and female connectors. Male connectors are the plugs that have solid pins for the center conductors. Female connector is referred to the jack whose center conductor has a hole that accepts the pins of male connector to create a connection. The connection can be confirmed by pulling on the connection and ensuring that the male connector has successfully been inserted into the female connector.

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