Makeup Water

Definition - What does Makeup Water mean?

Makeup Water is water which is infused into the oil bearing zones to improve the operation of enhanced oil recovery projects. The water can be added to dilute or maintain the water-mud system. The water which is added into the oil bearing zone could be sea water, freshwater or saltwater according to its relevancy for the mud. Makeup Water is known by another name called source water. Its volume is an essential parameter for the efficiency of solids removal in the mud system.

Petropedia explains Makeup Water

Makeup Water is the water added into the oil bearing zones to maintain the water-mud system. It is is required to take over the volume of gas and oil that are produced in the conventional upgraded oil recovery projects. It is also used to replace the volume of the produced water which is lost in steam generation and treatment processes for crude bitumen or oil projects.

An amount of dilution influences the mud economics strongly. If the soft Makeup Water is required, the treatment for removing the hardness ions must be done before the water is added to the mud to avert clay flocculation.

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