Magnetic North

Definition - What does Magnetic North mean?

Magnetic North is a direction that is pointed by a magnetic compass, as according to the direction of true north. The magnetic compass' Magnetic North can be different sometimes and not accurate always, as it is based on the current location of the user and the compass uses the magnetic field to point towards the north magnetic pole. The Magnetic North pole is the Earth's magnetic field north pole that has changed many times. A magnetic compass always points to the Magnetic North pole, and has been used by people to find the Magnetic North and their routes.

Petropedia explains Magnetic North

Magnetic North is a direction in which a magnetic compass points towards the geographical true north pole. A magnetic compass is a device that uses the magnetic field to sense the Magnetic North and point towards it. Since magnetic compass points towards the Magnetic North, it is widely used in navigation. The Earth's magnetism has changed over time, and the Earth's north and south magnetic poles are called as magnetic dip poles. The magnetic fields of earth are very important for navigation and other purposes.

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