Milliampere (mA)

Definition - What does Milliampere (mA) mean?

A Milliampere, denoted by mAh is a standard unit used to denote the 1000th part of an ampere hour. Ampere hour is the standard unit of electric charge, which is also known as amp hour or ampere hour. The international standard symbol of ampere hour is Ah, A h or A·h. Milliampere hour is also equal to 3.6 coulombs. Milliampere hour is most often used in electrical applications for measurement. For instance, the electrical charge in the electric rechargeable batteries is denoted by mAh or mA-h.

Petropedia explains Milliampere (mA)

Electric charge is measured in ampere hour, a standard unit that denotes the steady electric current of 1 ampere that flows for 3600 coulombs or 1 hour. The most common measurement used to indicate the electric charge in routinely used electric device is Milliampere hour. Milliampere or Milliampere hour is the 1000th part of an ampere per hour. It is denoted by mAh, mA or mA·h. Since ampere hour is not a unit used to measure energy, most batteries denote the electric charge in mAh, which signifies the capacity of the battery. There is another smaller unit used for electric charge, i.e., Milliampere second which is denoted by mAs or mA·s.

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