Cubic Metre (m3)

Definition - What does Cubic Metre (m3) mean?

Cubic Metre is an international standard unit of volume which is denoted by symbol m3. The other abbreviations for Cubic Metre are cu, m3, M3, m, m^3, cbm or m**3. These abbreviations are only used when it is not possible to use the superscript characters. Cubic Metre is the total volume of the cube with edges of 1 metre of length. Cubic Metre's alternate names are kilolitre and stere, which are no longer in use. A Cubic Metre is equal to 1000 liters.

Petropedia explains Cubic Metre (m3)

A cube is an object with six square sides, with three sides meeting at each vertex. A cube's volume is measured in m3, i.e., Cubic Metre. Cubic Metre is usually used for measuring different objects such as concrete, wood etc. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures uses the term Cubic Metre for the unit of volume. It is spelled Cubic Meter in American English. A Cubic Metre can be converted in different units such as liters, oil barrels, cubic feet, imperial gallons, cubic yards and US fluid gallons. It also has multiples and submultiples such as cubic decametre, cubic hectometre, cubic kilometre, cubic decimetres, cubic centimetre to name a few.

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