Square Metre (m2)

Definition - What does Square Metre (m2) mean?

Square Metre or square meter is the international standard unit of area. It is spelled "Square Metre" by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and it is the internationally used term for the unit of area. The volume of a square with sides of 1 metre length is measured in Square Metre. The unit of area for square is derived from the base unit of the metre as set by International Standards (SI). The most common use of the Square Metre is to measure land, houses, rooms etc.

Petropedia explains Square Metre (m2)

Square Metre is the most used form of area measurement unit. It is ideally used to measure flat space such as rooms, houses, land and floor. It is commonly used because of the ease of conversion. It is also called meter squared and it's denoted by its SI symbol m2. It is also abbreviated as sq m. When SI prefixes are added and subtracted to the square metre, its multiples and submultiples are formed, for example square kilometre, square decametre, square decimetre and square centimetre etc. All the SI prefixes used along with the metre can be used with Square Metre.

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