Metre (m)

Definition - What does Metre (m) mean?

Metre is the standard International Systems of Units’ (SI) base unit of length used to define distance. A Metre can be defined as the total distance a light travels in a specific period of time. It is used to determine the speed of light in vacuum, which is 300 000 km/s or 299792458 Metres per second. It is spelled Meter in American English. However, Meter is also a word used to refer to a device used for measurement such as a manometer, barometer etc.

Petropedia explains Metre (m)

Metre is the International Systems of Units' base unit of length. The current definition of Metre describes it as the distance traveled by light in certain time period. A Metre is usually convertable to other units such as nanometre, millimetre, centimetre, inches and yards. A Metre has multiples and submultiples such as decimetre, decametre, centimetre, hectometre etc. Kilometre (km) is usually used to denote long distances; very minute distances are measured in micrometre, whereas a light year is used to measure the astronomical distance.

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