Linear Chart

Definition - What does Linear Chart mean?

A Linear Chart is a graphical standard chart which uses a linear scale on which the given distance always represents the same absolute change in price. This type of scale increases proportionally or linearly. The scale gets increased in equal amounts and the physical state on the price scale between 10 and 20 is absolutely similar to the physical state in the price scale between 20 and 30, 30 and 40, and so on. The chart is used to express the linear relationships which when plotted or sketched always give a straight line.

Petropedia explains Linear Chart

The Linear Chart is one of the methods that are used to explain linear relationships. Linear relationship is a kind of relationship where an amount goes down or up and brings same changes in the chart or shows a similar increment every time. The chart always has a straight line, which is generally diagonal and joining a series of points. It is one of the two kinds of geographical charts with other kind being the logarithmic chart. The Linear Chart is also known as a Linear Graph which is a network of lines which connect the points.

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