Limited-Entry Technique

Definition - What does Limited-Entry Technique mean?

Limited-Entry Technique is a fracturing technique in which the fracturing fluid is induced into the formation through a few selected perforations. It is an effective technique used to stimulate the reservoirs with low permeability. The effectiveness of the method directly depends upon the perforation friction or the back pressure generated in the borehole throughout the treatment because of a perforation relationship or a predetermined rate. The perforation friction is desirable in this technique of fracturing during the treatment.

Petropedia explains Limited-Entry Technique

Limited-Entry Technique, especially for the reservoirs which are thin interbedded saves the cost of fracturing operation and enhances the degrees of oil layers. The technique can be accomplished by inhibiting the number of perforations in the well and offering an ample rate of injection to the restricted capacity of the flow of the perforations for diverting the treatment to a higher portion of perforated intervals. This is a special technique that can be useful for fracturing the thick, long or multiple producing zones. Wells which are treated using this fracturing technique result in a superior production performance than ones treated conventionally.

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