Safety Manager

Definition - What does Safety Manager mean?

A Safety Manager is an individual who is responsible for designing, developing and deploying an effective safety management system. The person is required to develop the skills and knowledge needed for the safety management system. Health and safety management is one of the most important constituents in gas and oil organizations. This is because all the chemicals, operations and end products can cause serious safety issues to the workers. The Safety Manager is therefore responsible for establishing and managing the organization’s safety programs.

Petropedia explains Safety Manager

In the oil and gas industry, there are many safety risks involved in the routine operations related to health, safety, and the environment. A greater supervision is required on all production sites to prevent the safety and environmental risks from taking place. The Safety Manager establishes specific programs, systems and processes to monitor and manage the activities that can affect the safety of the workers.The individual is not only required to monitor the activities of the workers, but also measure the risks that can be associated with the drilling process. A Safety Manager is also responsible for the improvement of system quality by reducing the workplace injuries and accidents.

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