Power Swivel

Definition - What does Power Swivel mean?

A Power Swivel is a type of drilling equipment that is used on an offshore or onshore rig. Also known as a top drive, this mechanical equipment is installed on a drilling rig. It is used to serve different purposes, but it's mainly effective in the facilitation of the drilling process. A Power Swivel can be run hydraulically or electrically. This device usually acts as a channel for the drilling mud; it also helps in the rotation of the drill string and other similar drilling procedures. This drilling equipment is used as a substitute of a rotary table.

Petropedia explains Power Swivel

The drilling rig usually has different mechanical devices installed over it that help in the drilling process. There are two types of swivels used – a regular swivel and a Power Swivel which is also known as a top drive. The Power Swivel is an automated drilling equipment that can be powered electricity and hydraulically as well. Ideally used to replace a rotary table, it offers a clockwise rotation to the drill string device. This mechanism thus helps in the borehole drilling process. Apart from this, the Power Swivel is used as a conduit for the drilling fluid; it also assists in the lowering down or pulling up of the drill string.

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