Subsea Solutions

Definition - What does Subsea Solutions mean?

Subsea Solutions is a U.S. based provider of well control equipment. It has been offering drilling and well control equipment since 1990. It offers a wide range of services which range from equipment to auditing services, analysis to consulting and training to name a few. The organization basically lends technical expertise and high quality equipment needed for oil production. It also provides training to the contractors and device operators for the respective devices it provides. The organization has its offices located in Texas, Aberdeen, Brazil and Alaska.

Petropedia explains Subsea Solutions

Subsea Solutions is a rig equipment and well-control consulting organization based in the United States. Established in 1990 in Louisiana, the organization relocated to Houston, Texas in 2005 and since then, it has been providing a wide range of inspection, consulting and auditing services. The following are the services that Subsea Solutions provides:

  • Auditing Services – Subsea well control devices.
  • Third party audits – Consulting for subsea decommissioning and intervention.
  • Training – Operators and drilling contractors.
  • Inspections – Offshore equipment inspections.
  • Survey & Inspection – Land rigs and onshore.
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