Oilfield Drilling

Definition - What does Oilfield Drilling mean?

Oilfield Drilling is the process of drilling a borehole in the earth’s surface to make a channel to reach the oil and natural gas reservoir. The Oilfield Drilling process helps in exploring and reaching out natural resources such as petroleum, brine, and natural gas. Different drilling techniques can be used for the vertical and horizontal wells, which are based on the geophysical composition of the rock formation. Also known as well drilling, the process can make use of mechanical or manual drilling equipment to make a path inside the earth's surface.

Petropedia explains Oilfield Drilling

Oilfield drilling is an initial phase of oil production. A well is drilled by using either manual or mechanical drilling equipment that helps in drilling a hole in the earth's surface, just above natural oil or gas resources. Oilfield Drilling can be of exploration nature as well, where the drilling is done to find out the resources found beneath the surface. Once the nature of the resource is determined, the extraction process can be planned. The drilling techniques used vary as per the rock formation and other geophysical properties of the rock. A drilling engineer can make use of long drilling shafts to dig holes that are narrow and reach down to the bottom of the oil wellbore.

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