Rotating Equipment Engineer (REE)

Definition - What does Rotating Equipment Engineer (REE) mean?

A Rotating Equipment Engineer (REE) is a certified personnel possessing knowledge about the rotating equipment. The individual is required to design, develop and procure the rotating equipment as per the requirements of the drilling project. There are many other responsibilities included such as planning a proposal for the rotating equipment and providing information regarding these devices to other engineers so that effective well construction is carried out. Also referred to as a Rotating Equipment Supervisor or Rotating Equipment Specialist, the individual plays an important role in oil well production organizations.

Petropedia explains Rotating Equipment Engineer (REE)

Rotating equipment such as pumps, turbines, engines, compressors etc., are used on a regular basis in an oilfield. All these equipment are managed by a Rotating Equipment Engineer, who is an expert individual in the management of these devices. The individual is required to perform a wide range of tasks, and the responsibilities of a Rotating Equipment Engineer are as follows:

  • Design, develop, specify, and arrange the best rotating equipment as per the need.
  • Work with other engineers to figure out the rotating equipment needed.
  • Manage third party contractors for arranging equipment, and manage the contracts and modifications.
  • Analyze the feasibility of the projects.
  • Supervise the installation process of the rotating equipment such as compressors, gas turbines, engines etc.

The responsibilities vary from different organizations and the tasks are not limited to these.

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