Rotating Equipment

Definition - What does Rotating Equipment mean?

Rotating Equipment is a common classification of mechanical components used to add kinetic energy to any process in order to make a material move. The equipment may include pumps, turbines, gearboxes, compressors, engines, etc. The equipment has a detailed design, installation, testing and maintenance. The common hazard of the equipment is the result of getting hair or clothes stuck, thus drawing the operator onto it.

Petropedia explains Rotating Equipment

Almost every machine works through a process of reciprocating or rotating motion. The most common Rotating Equipment parts are:

  • Wood stock.
  • Shaft ends.
  • Flywheels.
  • Spindles.

They all operate in a rotating movement. The Rotating Equipment is risky as they can cause serious injuries to the workers.

Clothes or hair of operators may get stuck into the machine and draw the operator to it. Due to this, the operator may suffer serious injuries or even die. The stock and equipment that rotates in the machine may force the hands or arms of the operator into a perilous position which may result in amputation. Therefore, a machine guard is must have in order to avoid these equipment hazards. Most machines come with the machine guard already installed; if not, it should be installed to prevent workers from getting injured.

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