Oilfield Cementing

Definition - What does Oilfield Cementing mean?

Oilfield Cementing is done to prevent and seal the wellbore. It is a process generally used to permanently seal water penetration into the well. It is used to shut off the annulus after the casing string has been run into the wellbore. It can also be used to seal the lost circulation areas or zones where the flow within the well is absent or reduced. The process of cementing is performed by deploying the cement slurry into the well through pumps that displaces and replaces the drilling fluids still present in the well.

Petropedia explains Oilfield Cementing

Before the cementing begins, engineers are required to determine the volume of cement that has to be placed into the wellbore and the properties of the cement and slurry needed including their viscosity and density. Special pumps and mixes are used to displace the drilling fluids and replace them with cement in the wellbore. The slurry flows through the casing to the bottom of the wellbore and fills the empty space between the wellbore and the casing and then it hardens. A seal is created with the help of cementing for the outside materials so that they do not enter the wellbore and interrupt the well flow.

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