Oilfield Drilling Bits

Definition - What does Oilfield Drilling Bits mean?

Oilfield Drilling Bits are the tools used to produce a cylindrical wellbore in the earth's crust by cutting or scraping the rocks using the rotary drilling method. They are used to discover and extract hydrocarbons like natural gas and crude oil. Everything on a drilling rig indirectly or directly assists the bits in cutting or crushing of the rocks or a rock formation as a whole. The bits are attached on the bottom of the drill string and they should be changed when they become dull or do not facilitate the easy drilling of the wellbore.

Petropedia explains Oilfield Drilling Bits

Oilfield Drilling Bits are the tools used to cut through the rock formation or crush the rocks. They operate by scraping or cutting the rocks through a rotational motion. Some of the bits known as hammer bits are used to pound the rock in a vertical direction just like the air hammer of a construction site. There are two main kinds of Oilfield Drilling Bits based on their cutting method – rolling cutter bits and fixed cutter bits. The rolling cutter bits have a tooth-like element that fractures or crushes the formation on two or more tools when the bit is rotated. On the other hand, fixed cutter bits use blades that have solid elements used for cutting to remove the material by grinding or scraping action of the rotating bit.

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