Oilfield Fishing Tools

Definition - What does Oilfield Fishing Tools mean?

Oilfield Fishing Tools are mechanical devices used to assist in the recovery of equipment that is lost downhole. Several tools are installed in a fishing string and each tool complements and enhances the performance of other tools that provide the most systematic solution to complete the range of fishing needs. To perform fishing on the well, these tools are crafted to perform a particular function and get a specific type of fish. These tools are screwed in the end of a fishing string and lowered into the well.

Petropedia explains Oilfield Fishing Tools

Oilfield Fishing Tools fall into four categories, i.e., diagnostic devices, inside grappling devices, outside grappling devices and force jars or intensifiers.

  • Diagnostic Devices: These devices range from a simple impression block made in a soft metal. It is dropped on the top of the fish so that the fisherman is allowed to design a tool to make possible the attachment and removal of the fish.
  • Inside grappling devices: These devices are generally known as spears and they have a threaded and tapered profile. The devices enable the fisherman to guide the tools and then thread them into the top of the fish to attempt recovery.
  • Outside Grappling Devices: These are generally known as overshots and they are fitted with threads to swallow the fish and hold it when it is pulled out of the hole.
  • Jars or Intensifiers: These are the mechanical downhole hammers that allow the fisherman to give high-impression to the fish.

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