Frac Well

Definition - What does Frac Well mean?

A Frac Well is a well that has been stimulated through the process of hydraulic fracturing to enhance the production of oil and gas. When a reservoir is found to contain oil or gas beneath the rock shale formation, it is drilled horizontally prior to the hydraulic fracturing process. After completion of the drilling process, high pressure fracking fluids are injected into the wellbore, which induce fracks in the formation. Fracks are the cracks triggered by hydraulic fracturing process. Upon the completion of hydraulic fracturing, a Frac Well contains veins or fissures that allow oil or gas to flow easily.

Petropedia explains Frac Well

Each oil well has a certain production range and sometimes it can die or the production can diminish due to various reasons. Therefore, enhanced oil recovery techniques are employed to stimulate oil production from the well. A Frac Well is an oil well that has been injected with high pressure drilling fluids known as fracking fluids. These fluids consist of chemicals, water and sand which, when pumped inside the well, can stir up the oil well from inside. Simply put, a Frac Well is a stimulated well that produces oil and gas when cracks are induced in the rock formation to release the oil or gas.

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