Drilling Calculations

Definition - What does Drilling Calculations mean?

Drilling Calculations are special operations in oil manufacturing organizations that require engineers to be well versed with various mathematical and engineering aspects of drilling an oil well. These calculations help the engineers to analyze various factors such as the dimensions of a pipe, oilfield volume, annular volume, annular capacity, pipe capacity and borehole geometry to name a few. All these calculations help the personnel to map out the drilling plan of an oil well. It is an important aspect of the petroleum industry that helps in drilling oil and gas wells efficiently.

Petropedia explains Drilling Calculations

Oil well drilling is a complex procedure that requires a lot of analysis prior to the actual execution of the drilling. The initial phase requires a drilling superintendent to perform Drilling Calculations, which is itself a complex field. Based on the different drilling formulas engineers perform the Drilling Calculations to analyze the well which addresses to its various requirements. Based on the data extracted from the Drilling Calculations, an exclusive drilling plan is drafted that allows the engineers to efficiently use different drilling equipment. Whether it is annular volume, dimension or capacity of a pipe or the aspect of a borehole, Drilling Calculations play an important role in the successful drilling of the oil well.

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