Drilling Formulas

Definition - What does Drilling Formulas mean?

Drilling Formulas are sets of special formulas used by drilling engineers for a wide number of oil well related operations. These formulas form the base of drilling calculations. Also known as drilling formula sheets, these formulas are essential mathematical and engineering factors that help in drilling, managing and controlling an oil well. These formulas are taught in Petroleum engineering and in oil well control schools. The drilling industry makes use of almost 5000 formulas on a regular basis for well control, drilling wells and other operations.

Petropedia explains Drilling Formulas

Petroleum engineering makes use of special formulas to analyze and calculate the various aspects related to the drilling of an oil well and its later operations. Drilling Formulas and drilling calculations play an important part as they help graduate students to learn how to implement these dynamics on real sites. These formulas are regulated by the American Petroleum Institute and are available in several handbooks meant for well control. Nowadays, these formulas are also available in Smartphone applications which help offshore and onshore drilling experts to use them easily. Since all the phases of oil production require the maintenance of the oil well, Drilling Formulas remain pivotal to do so.

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