Crane Operator

Definition - What does Crane Operator mean?

A Crane Operator is an individual who is responsible for the safe as well as efficient operations and generic maintenance of various cranes present on the drilling rig. The individual also carries out the supervision of all the activities to check if they are done according to the instructions given by engineers. The operator can also deliver important on job crew training within slinging and lifting. The offshore Crane Operator works on deep ocean oil rigs at offshore sites where cranes are used to lift heavy equipment.

Petropedia explains Crane Operator

Crane Operators are subjected to move heavy equipment at the oil rigs in onshore and offshore sites. They are expected to efficiently and safely operate heavy machinery that is required to be operated with great focus and skill. They are completely responsible for moving and placing all heavy equipment safely without damaging them or affecting the surrounding and people working on the rigs. The operators should be skilled to operate different types of cranes including service trucks, mobile, overhead, articulating cranes and tower cranes.

At offshore rigs, the Crane Operators lift heavy equipment and sometimes supervise other workers and maintain routine performances. They are responsible for securely lifting, moving, backloading and offloading of the equipment, personnel and supplies, etc., from the water vessels and from the rig floors.
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