Core Sample

Definition - What does Core Sample mean?

A core Sample is the cylindrical section of a naturally occurring substance. The sample is obtained from a substance such as a rock or sediment by drilling with a hollow steel tube known as a core drill. The hole that is made to get the Core Sample is referred to as a core bowling. In the process of coring, the Core Sample is pushed into the tube and removed from it in a laboratory. In the laboratory, it is inspected and analyzed with the help of various equipment and techniques based on the type of the required data.

Petropedia explains Core Sample

A Core Sample can be obtained with its long axis oriented, which is either roughly parallel to the axis of a wellbore or parallel to the gravity field of the tools that are gravity driven. The Core Sample may also be taken from the wall of a wellbore. The sample is obtained through the following methods and techniques:

  • Gravity coring.
  • Vibracoring.
  • Drilling exploration.
  • Diamond drilling.
  • Rotary sidewall coring.
  • Percussion sidewall coring.

Coring started as a method of sampling the surroundings of oil exploration and ore deposits; then it was expanded to the lakes, oceans, mud, ice, wood and soil. The Core Sample indicates the variations of species, climate and the sedimentary composition.

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