Oil Pump jack

Definition - What does Oil Pump jack mean?

An Oil Pump Jack is the overground drive that is used to reciprocate a piston pump in an oil well. The pump is used to lift oil mechanically, especially if the bottom hole pressure is not high enough to make the oil to flow to the surface. It is basically used on the onshore wells which produce little oil in oil-rich areas. The rotary mechanism is converted to the vertical reciprocating motion of the motor so that it drives the pump shaft and results in the desired nodding motion.

Petropedia explains Oil Pump jack

Oil flows on its own from oil wells that have efficient bottom hole pressure. However, when the pressure is low and not enough to lift the oil from the well, the oil has to be lifted mechanically with the help of an Oil Pump Jack. It usually produces 5 to 40 liters of oil in each stroke, which is often the emulsion of the oil. The size of the pump depends on the weight and depth of oil that is to be lifted. If the oil is present very deep in the well, it requires a pump jack with high power.

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