Wireline Operator

Definition - What does Wireline Operator mean?

A Wireline Operator is an individual who monitors all the wireline operations in oil or gas operation. The operator usually spends his or her working days remotely, i.e., outside in desolate or harsh places. The individual travels from one job site to another by driving an organization truck to transport the wireline to various places. Wireline Operators work with rig operators, engineers and other oilfield technicians. The operator is required to run drilling rigs up and down, attach necessary tools and fix any broken parts. The individual is also responsible for keeping the pipes free from pumping oil, gas and debris.

Petropedia explains Wireline Operator

A wireline is a cable that is attached to a drilling platform or truck that is lowered into natural oil or gas reservoirs. Tools are attached on the cable to replace damaged parts, fix the rig, or measure the amount of gas or oil present in the reservoir.

The attaching of the necessary tools, fixing broken parts and running the rig up or down are the duties perfomed by a Wireline Operator. The operations are required to be done under huge safety for which it is a must for the operator to adhere to safety regulations. The Wireline Operator works on drilling rigs. The operator is also responsible for:

  • Maintaining and operating the wireline equipment.
  • Driving a wireline truck to transport the equipment.
  • Keeping the record of all operations that take place in the field.
  • Sealing the wells that are not in use.
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