Drilling Fluids Engineer

Definition - What does Drilling Fluids Engineer mean?

A Drilling Fluids Engineer is an individual who works on a gas or an oil well drilling rig and is responsible for the properties of drilling fluids. The Drilling Fluids Engineer ensures that the drilling fluids used are made according to the required specifications depending upon the expected geology of the rock formation. The drilling mud could be oil, water or synthetic based. The engineer is required to take environmental impacts and the rock formation composition into consideration while making any decision about which the drilling fluids will be best for the given well.

Petropedia explains Drilling Fluids Engineer

A Drilling Fluids Engineer uses the knowledge of drilling practice to create specialized drilling fluids to polish the machine components. This individual performs expert drilling practices and is entrusted with any sort of extraction operation.

The main role of a Drilling Fluids Engineer is to create various mixtures of mud that are required during the different stages of drilling. The engineer is also given additional responsibilities like the recommendation of drill bits and assisting the technicians in the overall safety of the drilling process. The Drilling Fluids Engineer plays a large part in the extraction process of oil and gas, and due to this reason he or she is sometimes given an additional duty of calculating the cost associated with drilling process.

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