Wireline Truck

Definition - What does Wireline Truck mean?

A Wireline Truck is a motor vehicle that carries all the wireline cabling equipment as well as well logging facilities such as data recorded and analyzed from seismic equipment, sonic and ultrasonic equipment. Workers can sit inside the truck and perform necessary evaluations for recovering the new possibilities. Wireline trucks are the part of wireline services and are generally controlled and operated by a wireline service provider.

Petropedia explains Wireline Truck

Wireline services refer to a cabling technology that a wireline service provider in oil and gas exploration and production business can provide to perform functions like intervening, pipe recovery and reservoir evaluation, etc.

Wireline tools are designed for well workover functions and are helpful in taking down and bringing up any type of instrument in and out of the wellbore. These tools help in:

  • Evaluating the rock properties in a reservoir
  • Pore size information gathering
  • Hydrocarbon formation pressure gathering
  • Location of casting collars
  • Sample recovery

There are many various tools that a wireline truck can hold such as:

  • Slickline tools
  • Natural gamma ray tools
  • Resistivity tools
  • Sonic and ultrasonic tools
  • Borehole seismic tools
  • Magnetic resonance tools
  • Pressure control tools
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