Pipe Pigging

Definition - What does Pipe Pigging mean?

Pipe Pigging is a process used to clean large diameter pipelines. Plant operators use smaller diameter pigging-systems to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Pipeline Pigging can be used for any section of transfer processes between the blending and storage or filling systems. Pigs are used in paint blending or lube oil to clean the pipes, avoid cross-contamination and empty the pipes into product tanks. The small pigs are also used in the pipelines to inspect them for leaks which can be explosive and disastrous to the environment.

Petropedia explains Pipe Pigging

Buildup in pipelines can result in slow transmission, plugging in the pipelines, and flaws or cracks that could be dangerous and disastrous. To assure the smooth running of the pipelines, Pipe Pigging is used. The pigs are injected into the line through a pig trap which includes a launcher and a receiver.

Without breaking off the flow, a pig is forced through it by the product flow and is dragged by another device. The pigs perform various functions like cleaning the pipeline and inspecting the interior of the pipeline system.

Engineers consider various criteria while selecting pig for a pipeline:

  • What task the pig is required to perform, the operating conditions and size must be known.
  • The layout of the pipeline must be known.
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