Oil Worker

Definition - What does Oil Worker mean?

An Oil Worker is an individual who works in various services of oil and gas exploration industries. The worker is involved in various activities like negotiation for divestiture of mineral rights, and negotiation of business agreements for exploration and development of minerals. The worker also:

  • Performs the operations of determining the ownership in minerals with the research of private and public records.
  • Manages the obligations and rights derived from ownership of minerals.
  • Unitizes interests in minerals.

Petropedia explains Oil Worker

An Oil worker is supposed to perform in the stacking and handling of drill pipes, and maintaining the derrick. The worker is given the duty of operating the hoisting and lifting machinery that is positioning the drill. The worker has to work with technicians and other workers to maintain and control mud pumps and also supervise the mud pump operators. The oil worker denotes an employee who is responsible for carrying out various operations associated with the safe drilling of oil.

The American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), is an organization that belongs to professional landmen who agree to a standard ethics code, mission statement and other policies. AAPL provides three certifications to oil workers or the landmen that enhance their credibility and increase their earning potential. The three certifications are:

  • Registered Landman.
  • Registered Professional Landman.
  • Certified Professional Landman.
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