Labrador Current

Definition - What does Labrador Current mean?

Labrador Current is a cold current that flows in the North Atlantic Ocean. It originates from south of Arctic Ocean near the coast of Labrador in Canada and passes around Newfoundland. It then continues down south along the eastern coastline of Nova Scotia and meets warm Gulf Stream at the Grand Banks of Newfoundland in Southeast.

Petropedia explains Labrador Current

Labrador Current is an oceanic current which is cold and has low levels of salinity. The temperature of Labrador Current is less than zero Degrees Celsius and its salinity ranges from 30 to 34 parts per thousand. It can be felt within the sea level depth of up to 600 meters (approximately 2000 feet) and it transports volume of cold water along with it in the range of 3.5 to 5.4 million cubic meters per second into warm Gulf Stream.

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