Kickoff Tool

Definition - What does Kickoff Tool mean?

A Kickoff Tool, also known as a deflection tool, is a tool used to move or deflect the end part of the tubing off the lines, wellbore ledges and also any other restrictions or hindrances caused by any equipment in the drilling area. The rotation angle produced by these tools at times reaches up to 270 degrees on pushing. The service of this tool is easy as it has a pump-thru design.

Petropedia explains Kickoff Tool

Kickoff Tools are helpful in oilfield fishing applications. These tools are considered to be part of coiled tubing tools. The design is smooth and it is H2S tolerant. Kickoff tools can also be used in conjunction with the mule shoe nozzles.

When directional drilling has to be performed, kickoff tools are required to move the end part of the tubing off the wellbore ledges, profiles, liners and move other equipment that provide hindrances or restrictions in the well hole. Based on their advantages and efficiencies, these tools became the part of the oil industry in early 1930’s. There are various benefits of using these tools in the directional drilling:

  • While drilling at an angle, it exposes the wider section of through the reservoir.
  • Those drills are possible where vertical drilling is difficult, like oil field under a lake or a town.
  • A relief well can be drilled with ease, which helps in the blowout process, etc.
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