Kilogram (kg)

Definition - What does Kilogram (kg) mean?

Kilogram is a standard unit used for weight measurement. It is the only SI base unit with the SI prefix “kilo” and symbol “k”. It is a unit of mass that corresponds to a very common perception of how heavy a product or object is. Mass is considered as an inertial property which is associated with the tendency of a product or an object in motion or at rest to remain in motion or at rest respectively with a constant velocity, until it is acted upon by some force.

Petropedia explains Kilogram (kg)

Kilogram is a unit used for representing mass and is equivalent to the mass of International Prototype of Kilogram. The weight of a product or an object depends upon the gravitational field strength; however, the mass is independent of the gravity because mass is the measure of the matter a product or an object. Since the weight of a product at any point on the Earth is proportional to the mass of the product, its mass in kilogram is generally measured by comparing the weight of the product to weight of the standard mass in kilograms by using a weighing scale. On the Earth’s surface, the mass of one kilogram approximately weighs around 2.20 pounds and 1000 grams.

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